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Tech Tip for Week of November 15, 2009

How to create a listserv using FuquaWorld Team Tools

  1. Go to FuquaWorld
  2. In the left sidebar, look for “Team Tools” and click on the 3rd link down in that box: “Create a Team
  3. You should be taken to a page where you can set up the name of your team and add people to it.
    1. Team name: this will not only be your team name but also your listserv name.
      1. i.      Typing in “My Group Name” becomes My-Group-Name@fuqua.duke.edu for your listserv.
      2. ii.      If you do not want dashes in your listserv address (above example), do not use spaces in your team name: “ThisIsMyGroupName” à MyGroupName@fuqua.duke.edu.
      3. iii.      These are NOT case sensitive; they will display in the case you use on FuquaWorld, but when sending email for say the example in ii (above), you may email mygroupname@fuqua.duke.edu.
  4. Adding people: use the search box below the list of names to search/add people. FYI: It is pre-populated with “Jones” to start.
    1. i.      Type in someone’s name (try just searching on their last name initially) and click “Find”
    2. ii.      Select the desired person and use the “—>” button to put that person in your team list box (on the right).
  5. This team will be used: Choose the appropriate choice from the drop-down list.

Read the fine print at the bottom of the page and click “Create New Team” – DONE!

You can find your new team page listed in the left side-bar “Team Tools” > “My teams” section on the FuquaWorld homepage. Your group’s listserv address is displayed for your reference in the top left box on your team page. Remember: the listserv address is NOT case sensitive! But if there are dashes (from using spaces in your team name) everyone must keep these intact when sending messages to the listserv.

Questions? Contact Tyler (tyler.louie@fuqua.duke.edu).

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